Celebrating Cultural FestivitiesThe householder segment of the Swaminarayan Sampraday, the satsangis as they are popularly known, includes a spectrum that ranges from the simple farmer and the hardy tribals of rural India to the harried, city-bred doctor, solicitor and executive; a spectrum enhanced by the toddler and great-grandfather, by the adolescents and the middle-aged.

Our youngsters and grown-ups constitute a thriving and vibrant Satsang that is the very bedrock of our Sanstha. Together, we work in happy cooperation towards realizing the essence of all our activity - man's social and spiritual welfare. And in furthering their cooperation, our satsangis leave no obstacle unhurdled, no duty unperformed. Young and old alike contribute to make the admixture of ascetic and householder a living, organic whole.

Annual Walk-a-thonFrom helping the Hurricane Katrina victims to recharging wells in rural India; from campaigning against harmful addictions to providing pure herbal medicines; from building and maintaining beautiful permanent structures such as the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Houston to setting up large platforms for single-day conventions; from organizing cultural festivals attended by millions to inspiring individuals to lead a morally pure life; from providing free education in India to giving extensive career guidance... BAPS believes that social change can come only if people join in and sincerely contribute voluntary effort towards removing society's ills.

All of the activities detailed in this site are but small examples of the vast contribution the organization is making in all spheres of life - moral, spiritual, cultural, educational, environmental and social - all over the world.

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